DuPont – John Lyons: Global Business Development Manager for DuPont Sorona: "We believe that EcoStrate has an innovative program and our collaboration will be a benefit to both the carpet and recycling industries. With end-of-carpet-life options in place, consumers and specifiers of carpet made with Sorona will feel even better about their choice of carpets."

International Road Federation – Michael Dreznes: "The Ecostrate Product concept will fill a tremendous need in many countries around the world. Unfortunately in some countries, the aluminum signs are stolen soon after they are installed. This creates a dangerous situations because motorists are not aware of the information provided by these signs. Road authorities around the world are aware of this situation and they are constantly asking me if I have any recommendations to eliminate this problem.  Until now, I was unable to help them. The Ecostrate Product will provide me with an answer to this serious problem and this will help to make roads safer globally."

California DOT approved material list June 2015
California Air Resource Board: Green House Gas Reduction validation 2014
DuPont multi-year agreement for Sorona bio based polymer-recycling partnership: 2015
Wal-Mart Sustainability Hub product approval list


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