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Ron Sherga, CEO of EcoStrateSFS Inc., has been active in the recycling industry most of his life with a focus and history on plastics of various types. Ron has taken a pro-active approach as a leader in creating many innovative solutions and developing end products for challenging waste and scrap products. He is also a gifted and sought after speaker for recycling, innovation and sustainability.

Ron has counseled and played key roles in the carpet recycling industry as well as E-scrap, packaging scrap and auto scrap recovery areas on a global basis. He advised on plastics to oil, WTE and various sorting and size reduction systems to waste companies, materials recyclers and multiple investment groups and agencies. Ron has sold patents dealing with materials tracking, tagging and monetizing for obtaining environmental credits and offsets. Also leading groups such as ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) to become more involved in plastics. He is certified by MIT in Clean Energy Ventures and helped judge the MIT Clean Energy Prize in 2012.

Ron feels he has reached the zenith of his career with the creation of EcoStrate SFS, a company he founded to take the most problematic polymer content waste materials using proprietary IP, trade secrets, and unique materials knowledge, and turning the materials into higher value end products. These products are capable of consuming billions of pounds of waste that were generated as by-products of current recycling efforts and from post consumer waste; as well as reducing the use of high polluting materials such as aluminum, virgin polymers, energy, GHG’s and water consumption. EcoStrateSFS is currently making and selling a variety of products, which have been sold and installed domestically and overseas. They are increasing production and creating strategic partnerships to enter markets more aggressively and grow EcoStrate into a global brand.

Ron Sherga is married with three grown children and has been active on a national basis for issues regarding children with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Ron served as a college trustee for Stephens College in Columbia, MO for six years. Ron and his wife helped to create a unique children’s hospital in Dallas, Texas in memory of their daughter Audrey called Our Children’s House at Baylor.