Tired Of the Skyrocketing Cost of Goods?

You have probably noticed that the prices of plywood, aluminum, and other hard materials are constantly increasing. On top of that, the production of these materials is taking a major toll on our environment.

If you are tired of getting squeezed by higher costs, and are facing requirements to utilize environmentally friendly materials, look no further. The world should have access a product that is lightweight and durable without harming our environment.

We understand that it is important for cities and companies to be green and environmentally responsible.

Until now, there has never been a viable alternative to aluminum, plywood and virgin plastics.

EcoStrate products are made from 100% recycled materials and are totally recyclable. We use a patented process that doesn't require toxic chemical bonding agents and doesn't produce dangerous byproducts that pollute the environment. Our substrates are extremely durable and have been thoroughly tested and approved by TTI, ASHTO and DOT. Feel free to try and test it for yourself.

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